Sea Moss & Aloe Artisan Soap
Sea Moss & Aloe Artisan Soap
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Birthday Suit Artisan Soap -Unscented
Birthday Suit Artisan Soap -Unscented
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"Listen. My shower routine only makes sense with your bars"

Mrs. Combs

"I purchased the Sea Moss & Aloe Hydrating Buttah Cream. In just 5 days my skin has brightened tremendously. I've also noticed the dark areas of my face are lightening up."

Lardie E.

"The soaps are not drying at all!! I love that! I wasn't left with a stripped feeling... and it got me clean, soft, and my skin felt really hydrated."

Tiffani T.

"...when I tell you this buttah is not a game. I've only had it on my face for an hour and it calmed down a breakout!"


"I am already in love with the Love Potion Soap... This soap smells so good and makes my skin very soft. I am definitely a repeat customer."

Tachelle B.

'I started using the Sea Moss & Aloe Buttah for my son's eczema. Within 48 hours it was cleared up... It smells delicious too!"

Ronisha C.

"I've tried 3 different Buttah Scrubs... this product is both amazing for exfoliating and ultra moisturizing. I suffer from back and chest acne, and this has helped clear and even out my complexion."

Anayah B.

"I love this buttah cream. It is long lasting and my skin has an awesome glow."

Patricia M.

"When I say I'll never use another product on my face again if it's not this Sea Moss & Aloe Buttah Cream crack! I've tried everything and finally came across something I don't need too much of but just enough to moisturize my face aaaaand the ingredients are healthy natural products! My skin already glows!

Lene W.


SofiYah specializes in handcrafted skincare. We offer everything from rich body creams and velvety whipped butters, to luxurious bath bombs and revitalizing scrubs. At the heart of the SofiYah brand though, are the Artisan Soaps. SofiYah Artisan Soaps are both rich in lather and in moisture retention.

At SofiYah we use truly skin-loving ingredients to help soothe, if not reverse years of dryness and dermatitis. We take pride in every plan, process, and execution. Our desire for SofiYah customers, is to feel the love that we put into every product. There is a difference when using natural products; experience our difference.


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