Design a Custom Handcrafted Soap


First of all, YES!! Yes you can design your own custom soap to send as a themed gift, to set out as party favors, or to match your designer bathroom. Even if you’re wanting a soap that simply contains key ingredients that you love. Whatever your hearts desire, whatever your vision, you can design. The best thing about it is, it costs less than your average pair of jeans!

When I’m in design mode, if I don’t already have a look in mind, I usually let the fragrance do the talking. It may project images of flowing cotton sheets and red roses, or rays of sunshine and unicorns to me. However, in your case, you may have an event you’re planning, and simply want some gift sets to match your colors or theme. 

There a few things to remember when designing soap. Fragrance can effect performance and look. If the fragrance contains vanilla/vanillin, the soap color could be changed from natural white to a tan or deep brown. Fragrance also can sometimes make the soap harden faster than usual as well, which would effect the possibility for intricate swirls. Additives, like clays and oxides, can have the same effect on soap batter. That, however, will be something I’d account for on my end. 

Now, if you don’t have an existing color scheme, the first step will be to reference my handy dandy color wheel.

When choosing a color scheme, consider your color context. This basically means, to consider how color behaves in relation to other colors (ie backgrounds). For example, a red accent will stand out more in a black soap than in a white soap. If you’d like a rich monochromatic look, you can choose analogous colors (three colors that are next to each other); red, orange, and red-orange for example. If you’d prefer a rich contrast, choose complementary colors like purple & yellow, or black & white. For a beautifully vibrant soap, choose triadic colors; which are colors that are evenly spaced along the color wheel. A basic triadic color scheme can be achieved by simply using the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. 

Note: if you choose a more natural coloring approach, ie clays, turmeric or spirulina powder, the colors will not be as vibrant, but will definitely deliver added skin benefits.

Whew!!! That was a lot. Now that you have your color scheme, you can start thinking fragrance and finishing. There are a plethora of fragrances available from reputable soap suppliers. If there is a particular scent you have in mind, or notes that you love, I am confident I could acquire a fragrance to fit or mix a blend to suit. If you like a fragrance that I already offer, that’s even better 🙌🏽 and we won’t have to worry about the surprises that can come along with using new fragrances.

When thinking finishes, think florals, glitters, salt toppings, or drizzles. You can design a royal purple soap with rich blue mica line in the middle of the soap, then spritz it with biodegradable glitter on top. Or, you can design a more natural soap, colored with activated charcoal and rose petals sprinkled on top.

Remember, the sky’s the limit. Let your imagination flow and give me the opportunity to create your vision. Follow the link below to start the process.