Sea Kelp Restock June 2019

Whew! It’s been two weeks since I began making this highly requested restock. How? I know right! I began prepping for Sea Kelp two whole weeks ago, but things quickly got hectic once our new edition figured out how to put one foot in front of the other in quick(ish) succession. And somebody neglected to secure baby gates in advance.... I’m somebody. Somebody is me. Therefore, my days are filled with chasing an 11 month old from room to room. Mommy is at least getting some much needed exercise. 

Hubby finally stepped in and gave me some hands-free time to whip these loaves up. I cherished every single minute of it too! I absolutely love making soap, and Sea Kelp is one of my easier recipes. However, Sea Kelp does require a bit of babysitting, since it has the tendency to overheat in the first stages of curing. I didn’t want to start making this soap only to end up having to step away, and things go horribly wrong. So I was forced to put it off until I could secure some backup. 

Now the work is complete and the finished product is perfect. Thanks to Hubby for the assist!

Sea Kelp will be available in June! Look out for preorder details!