Sea Moss & Aloe Cream
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Sea Moss & Aloe Cream

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The Sea Moss & Aloe Hydrating Buttah Cream was born out of necessity. Dryness, dullness, acne scarred and a need to rejuvenate. This buttah cream can help with skin brightening, revitalization, and moisture retention. Infused with pure sea moss gel, aloe, and turmeric, this cream really packs a punch. But the goodness doesn’t end there. The raw shea butter is infused with borututu root and the sunflower oil used is infused with botanicals such as arnica, calendula, and chamomile; herbs like lemongrass and rosemary; with a smidge of orange peel.

Free of animal byproducts and phthalates.

Star Ingredients: Pure Sea Moss Gel, Aloe Gel, Turmeric, Babassu Oil, Raw Shea Butter w/Borututu Root, and Infused Sunflower Oil