About SofiYah

Hello Skin Lovers!! 

I’m Mia, owner and artisan of SofiYah LLC. 

My curiosity and love for creating products began humbly out of a need to relieve my daughter from eczema and the lack of money to keep experimenting with different products that weren’t working. This led to the birth of SofiYah Skin Nourishment in early 2015 with only 3 scents of whipped butters. SofiYah has now grown to offer a wide selection of luscious body creams, silkening scrubs, and moisturizing artisan soaps, as well as a few other products. 

My mission is to bring the knowledge of artisan soap and handmade products, and their benefits to underserved communities. I believe everyone deserves truly skin-loving products, and the knowledge of what goes into making them.