1-ON-1 Classes
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1-ON-1 Classes

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This is an in-person class held at 429 E Vermont St Suite 002A (downtown Indianapolis)

VIRTUAL CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE VIA GOOGLE MEET AND FACETIME. (Shipping is required for the Basic Soap Making virtual course for materials)

• CURRENT AVAILABLE DATES: 4/2, 4/3, 4/23, 4/24 (if a time slot is not shown, the day is already booked)


1-ON-1 classes may be held in your home or shop, as long as there is a sink and proper ventilation. Please indicate if you would prefer this in the notes of your order.

**Everything with an asterisk is an item or piece of equipment that is provided for you, and you keep** 

BASIC SOAP MAKING: Brief soap history and process instruction, materials and equipment, 1 soap loaf mold*, 1 silicone liner*, 1 soap cutter*, 2.5 pounds (10 bars) of soap*, a basic soap recipe*. I will walk you through how to make cold process soap, do a demonstration, and then assist you in making your first batch. 2 HOUR CLASS

VIRTUAL BASIC SOAP MAKING: Same as in-person class without the demonstration. You will be sent soap making videos prior to the class with some guide materials. All equipment and materials will be mailed to you prior to the virtual class. This includes everything listed above, plus raw materials, 1 emersion blender, and 1 digital scale. 1.5 HOUR CLASS

NEXT LEVEL FORMULATING (IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL): (ADD ON-Do not select this option if you have never made cold process soap or haven't attended the Basic Soap Making 1-on-1 or group class event) In depth view into formulating soap for performance, techniques, and resale. I will show you how to understand the properties of a formulation and how to use the soap calculator tool that I have relied on for the past 6 years. We will come up with up to 3 different recipes that you can experiment with going forward. You will leave with the knowledge to customize and create a signature soap, specifically built for your brand and your customer. 1.5 HOUR CLASS

NEXT LEVEL BASIC + FORMULATING: You will receive everything from the Basic Soap Making class, as well as 1 digital scale*, 1 emersion blender*, 1 mixing container*, 1 measuring container*, + basic formulating instruction (learn how to use the soap calculator tool I have relied on for the past 6 years, and how to scale any given recipe to any size mold). 3 HOUR CLASS

NEXT LEVEL COLOR & SWIRLS: (ADD ON - Do not select this option if you have never made cold process soap haven't attended the Basic Soap Making 1-on-1 or group class event. Best if a formulating class has been attended as well, but not necessary) Learn how to work with your desired recipe to create beautiful swirls and designs in your soap. I will provide a recipe for the class. We will go over trace and how it affects your finished product, plan out a soap with 2-3 different colors (micas), and create 1 2.5lb (10 bar) loaf of soap*. If you attended a Basic Soap Making GROUP class event, please notify me so that I can provide a 4lb loaf mold 2 HOUR CLASS

NEXT LEVEL FOOD & BEVERAGE INFUSIONS: (ADD ON - Do not select this option if you have never made cold process soap haven't attended the Next Level Basic & Formulating 1-on-1 or the Next Level Formulating 1-on-1) In this class you will learn about how different infusions act in cold process soap, and how to work with them. You will then experiment with infusing soap with cool items like goat's milk, carrot juice, aloe vera, avocado and/or cucumber. We will make 2 small 1lb batches of soap containing your desired infusion(s)*. 2 HOUR CLASS