Bulk Artisan Soap
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Bulk Artisan Soap

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Bulk orders of 10 bars (1 loaf cut in the original 1” size) of SofiYah Artisan Soap from regular stock are purchased here.

Just select from the list of stock favorites, list in the cart notes, and allow 4-6 weeks for your personal loaf of SofiYah Artisan Soap to be crafted and cured. All loaves will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

**Price per bar is $7.50, vs $7.65 with the 15% off bulk discount for buying 10 individual bars, plus FREE SHIPPING. This is for PREORDER ONLY and cannot be used for ordering a variety of soap** A Split Bulk Loaf option is available for a scent split (2 scents only).

 **Please see ingredients for the stock soaps under their individual listings**

If there is a limited edition or seasonal soap that you would like to order, please email or call me for availability and pricing.

**If you place additional orders for singular items along with your bulk soap order, there will only be one shipment of all items when the bulk soap order is cured and shipped, unless you are able to pick up the other items or pay additional shipping charges.

*Custom loaves can accommodate up to 3 additives, not including the scent/essential oil.